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President Tinubu Listens To Primate Ayodele’s Advice, Orders Suspension of Cybersecurity Levy



President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, with his recent order to suspend the cyber security levy proposed by the Central Bank of Nigeria has proven that the advice of prominent Nigerians like Primate Elijah Ayodele is being utilized by the government.

The federal government has made policies that appear not to be people-friendly and the cyber security levy which will allow a deduction in every financial transaction made by Nigerians was another of those policies perceived as insensitive due to the current hardship.

On its emergence, Primate Ayodele, a prominent and respected man of God, advised the government not to go ahead with the policy because it will affect the country negatively. The prophet blasted the Central Bank of Nigeria for insensitivity at a time when citizens are looking for ways out of hardship. He implored the government to be concerned about lifting citizens out of the perilous time instead of adding more troubles for them. He urged President Tinubu to review the policies carefully.

These were his words

‘’Increasing VAT, stamp duty, implementing cybersecurity levy at this time is not proper.Nigeria may not understand all of these and the government in power may not even understand too but the fact remains that the government must review their policies very well.

‘’These policies will only lead to more hardship for the people, the prices of food commodities will skyrocket and even the salary increase will still lead to more hardship if these policies continue.’’

Just five days after Primate Ayodele’s advice on the cyber security levy, President Tinubu ordered the suspension, explaining that his government isn’t insensitive to the pains of the citizens. Obviously, this aligns with the admonition the popular cleric shared with the presidency in his message.

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Let me begin my essay with this unique quotes by Mahatma Ghandhi, which says the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. A quote which has long been lost in the modern day African Christianity.

The biggest sin in the world is not being able to love someone but acquiring common wealth of others to satisfy your selfish interest which many of our elites today are guilty of including our religious leaders.

Primate Ayodele is indeed a man after Gods heart and a beckon of hope in the Christendom in Africa at this dark period of our time. Primate Ayodele is not only called by God as many do come to deceive the public but a man who consistently walk in Gods direction fearfully and trembling as to give account of all his deeds on the last day. As a media guru of almost thirty years experience, with seventeen years devoted to religion. Primate Ayodele is one of the few I have seen that can be called a true servant of God in this present generation. How do you recognize a true servant of God? A genuine servant of God has genuine concern for others with radiating love regarding less of their religion, tribe etc. A true servant of God is always devoted to the true gospel of Christ, which is following Jesus. Can we say truly that our men of God operates in this realm today?

Primate Ayodele whom I have monitored closely for fifteen years is an example of a genuine servant of God with genuine concern for others regardless of their faith. Ayodele is a man who radiates Christ like love and constantly devoted to the true gospel, which is following Jesus through his selfless acts.

Primate Ayodele undoubtedly is the only servant of God alive in Nigeria today with his status who serve others with his resources without been bias.

Over the years I watched Primate Ayodele empower thousands of less privileged in different faith with Cars, Motorbikes, Low cost Housing units, Food items, Working tools and recently construction of ultra modern Health Center for the usage of the commoners, a highly commendable feat for others to emulate. Primate Ayodele has also constantly been a genuine voice in the prophetic field for the last thirty years when others constantly fumble. I know many preachers who started like Primate Ayodele but today have missed their tracks. Many preachers who were well patronized by the high and mighty before and during Primate Ayodele have no single connectivity to their route, areas where Primate Ayodele has constantly excelled. Many preachers today keep acquiring wealth with deceit, hoodwinking forgetting that everyone will account for his deeds on the last day.
Primate Ayodele indeed is a true yard stick for genuine servant of God and he must be encouraged by all and sundry. The Government of the day must also imbibe this Christ like attitude in solving the mirage of problems bedeviling the country. Primate Ayodele is indeed over due for a National Award to further encourage him and serve as a pointer to others. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu must do the needful by encouraging this genuine servant of God now that he is still alive.

Prince Ayo Adegboye is a Public Analyst and a Publisher. He can be reached through:

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The Efficacy Of Primate Ayodele’s Prophetic Ministry Travels To Slovakia




Unarguably, there’s virtually no continent or country in the world that the prophetic ministry of Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church hasn’t touched.As Jesus Christ gave an instruction to His disciples to go into the world and preach the gospel to every part of the world, Primate Ayodele’s prophetic ministry which is rooted in Jesus Christ, has gone beyond his immediate environment to the uttermost part of the Earth.Primate Ayodele practically runs a ministry without walls and boundaries; there is no limit to what he can prophecy about; God has placed in his hands a prophetic ministry that speaks to even the most unpopular nation as long as air reaches there.Interestingly, the value his prophecies donate to Earth has earned him the title of a leading prophet in the world; a prophetic icon whose prophecies never cease to come to pass. With about 15,000 fulfilled prophecies to his credit, Primate Ayodele has taken a permanent seat as the most influential and accurate prophet in the world.To further cement his wide reach as a prophet for all nation, his 2024 prophecy regarding an assassination attempt on a serving prime ministry was fulfilled yesterday in Slovakia, a central Europe country.Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico suffered life-threatening injuries when he was shot and wounded in an attempted assassination on Wednesday, the government office said.Fico, 59, was shot five times in the central town of Handlova on Wednesday. He was in critical condition and underwent several hours of emergency surgery.The incident shocked Slovakia, a small central European nation with little history of political violence.Primate Ayodele in his 2024 prophecies regarding ‘The World At Large’ called for prayers against the assassination of a prime minister.‘’The voice of the Lord whispered to me that in 2024 we must pray against the assassination of a sitting President, a former President, a Prime Minister and a former Prime Minister whose assassination will be successful. Let us pray against a coup in Africa or mounting pressure or uprising that can lead to the removal of a sitting President. The spirit of God says there will be a lot of financial crises globally’’At the time he shared this prophecy, some critics even went as far as misquoting him to prove a pointless point but undoubtedly, now that it has happened in Slovakia, they will have no choice that to agree with the credibility of Primate Ayodele.Furthermore on the international scene, Primate Ayodele’s prophecies on the Israel-Palestine war seem like a script of what is currently happening. Before the war started, the prophet warned world leaders to work against escalation that will lead to the death of people but they didn’t listen and just some months after the prophecy, the war began.He had also said that Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanhyahu will not kowtow in his plans to attack Rafah, a Palestine city. In fulfillment of this, Rafah was attacked some weeks ago by the Israeli army. Additionally, the death of Alice Munro, a Nobel Laureate was foretold by him.Continuing, the attack on Muslims while praying in a mosque in Kano yesterday is another fulfillment of Primate Ayodele’s prophecy. During an interview session towards the end of last year, the prophet asked Nigerians to pray against attacks of people in religious gatherings.Summarily, Primate Ayodele’s prophetic ministry has added so much value to life and is worth every accolade given to him. As a Nigerian, he has continued to fulfill his ministerial obligation by frequently releasing prophecies and as a global icon, He has proven his credibility.

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More Taxes, Economic Hardship Fulfill Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy On Tinubu’s Government




For almost one year, Nigerians have been made to go through palpable mayhem in the sectors that should drive the nation into bountifulness. Most especially, the economy and security sectors have maintained a constant downtime, leading to an unprecedented perilous season for the citizens of the once-lively nation.

The predicament of the country cannot be separated from the current leadership; the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led administration cannot be exonerated from the country’s current state because the policies of the government are the major factors responsible for hardship.

Although President Tinubu’s mantra was ‘Renewed hope’ , many quarters of the country have simply exuded hopelessness in the last one year; an administration that raised the hopes of its citizens and promised to make life enjoyable didn’t waste time before inflicting pains on innocent electorates.

The beginning of Nigeria’s renewed woes was the first declaration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu at his swearing-in ceremony that ‘Subsidy is gone’. Barely 24 hours after the President’s statement, the price of petrol increased from N189/Litre to N557, the highest in the history of Africa’s largest oil producer.

While many couldn’t see more to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu than meets the eye during the campaigns, a distinguished Nigerian prophet, Primate Ayodele already X-rayed through his prophetic lens what would become of the APC government if Nigerians voted for the party.

Several Nigerians banked on the renewed hope mantra of President Tinubu but Primate Ayodele was that fearless voice warning Nigerians against voting for Tinubu or the All Progressive Congress (APC) because it would be a government of hardship for the country.

Some of his warnings were hinged on the state of Nigeria’s economy and security. In viral videos, he was heard saying voting for President Tinubu would lead Nigeria into a dungeon. In follow-up prophecies, He prophesied that Dollar will be sold for N1,500, fuel will be sold for N800/Litre, a bag of rice will be sold for N6500, to mention a few.

‘’ I’m not saying anyone should not insult me, I am not scared of any human being. If Nigeria votes APC in 2023, things will be tougher. We will see human beings and want to eat them like food. This is how God told me. I am not saying you should not criticize me or say anything against me even as an APC member, I warned you in 2015 too. You want to vote for lies in 2023, if you vote for the party that has a broom as their symbol, I pity churches. I am not against anybody and I don’t vote, Nigeria will be tough. If you vote and Tinubu enters, there will be serious problems.’’

‘’If Nigerians vote for APC in 2023, the country will sink, we will swim in poverty, and the economy will be in shambles. If APC wins, Nigeria will suffer extraordinarily. We have not yet seen hardship; if APC wins, the real hardship will come. The economy will be sick.’’

As the cleric foretold, citizens are swimming in serious poverty, food items have become unaffordable for the common man, the Nigerian economy has been struggling to breathe for one year without any significant headway and in short, Nigeria has been thrown into an endless dungeon.

Moreover, suffice to say that the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led administration, just as Primate Ayodele foretold, is one that is bent on making Nigerians suffer extraordinarily. The government through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) just recently introduced some taxes despite the current hardship faced by those who will still be required to pay the newly imposed taxes.

In a memo, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) ordered all commercial banks to impose a 0.5% levy on some electronic transactions. The fund is supposed to be transmitted to the Office of the National Security Adviser for the purpose of cyber security. The levy is imposed on the initiator of the transaction and not the receiver.

There is the stamp duty, the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) charge, and the Value Added Tax. This is apart from the charges imposed by banks like the maintenance fee and the SMS charges.

Meanwhile, the introduction and increment of some of these taxes were all foretold by Primate Ayodele who warned the citizens against voting for another APC government.

In his 2024 prophecies which were released in December 2023, the cleric revealed that there will be an increase in tariffs and more taxes would be introduced for Nigerians in the coming year.

‘’I foresee there will be a high cost of living as tariffs on goods and Services will be raised and taxes will be too high despite the fact that the goods are not contrabands. The spirit of God says the economy will still be very difficult to manage. The government needs to do something good for the people and seek the face of the Lord for divine direction.’’

In another video, he asserted that the government would increase stamp duty and Value added Tax (VAT).

‘’I am seeing an increase in stamp duties. The bank stamp duty will not be friendly to the people…it’s going to be a new thing that will come out. Also, increment in VAT will shut down the economy. The government must not try to increase it because it will make the economy tougher’’

The prophecies of Primate Elijah Ayodele and their manifestation further explain the negligent attitude of people especially when it comes to divine revelations from the almighty God. There are no questions about Primate Ayodele’s credibility; there are proven records of over 15,000 fulfilled prophecies credited to him but the ears of the electorate have simply been deafened towards divine warnings.

Well, 2027 is by the corner and hopefully, they listen; maybe Nigeria will become a better nation that exudes hopefulness, liveliness, and wellness.

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