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Primate Ayodele Set To Build Multi-Million Naira Mosque In Lagos



After much consultation, the Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Ayodele has announced that he is set to build a multi-million naira mosque in Lagos.

This announcement was made available to the press in a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin.

Primate Ayodele who initially spoke about his plans for the mosque in December made it known that the reason behind his decision isn’t for self glorification but to eliminate religion and embrace humanity.

The renowned prophet explained that Jesus Christ didn’t preach religion but humanity therefore; it doesn’t matter whether one is a Christian or Muslim, We are first human before anything else.

Primate Ayodele further noted that being a religious fanatic will not make room for anyone in heaven but one’s contribution to humanity therefore, co-existing, cohabiting and showing love to everyone regardless of the differences is the greatest religion.

He also made it known that the Mosque will be without his interference because he will be handing it over to Muslim leaders after completion.

‘’ I believe there is no religion in Heaven, there is nothing like Christian heaven or Muslim heaven. Religion was created by humans and it has been a source of great divide among humans. I don’t know the reason behind religion but it has done more harm than good to humanity.’’

‘’My decision to build a mosque is not for self-glorification but to eliminate religion and embrace humanity. Jesus Christ never preached religion, He taught us to show love to people and never asked for the religion of anyone before he healed them. Jesus Christ is my model and since he didn’t preach religion, it’s best that I follow HIM whom I serve. I am not a religious fanatic because it won’t take me to heaven. I believe co-existing, cohabiting and showing love to everyone is the greatest religion anyone can adopt.’’

‘’I have done wide consultation, I have spoken with leaders from the Muslim communities about my decision to build a massive mosque and their responses were enormously encouraging. I will build the mosque and hand it over to the Muslim leaders. Also, I will have no interference whatsoever in its operation’’

Primate Ayodele’s understanding about religion has never been about division, He has always shared that showing love to everyone is the greatest religion anyone can have. There are several Muslims that worship in his church; they are even allowed to wear their hijabs into the church premises. During fasting period, it is a tradition of Primate Ayodele to give provisions, live chickens, and food items to the Muslim community in his environment. Therefore, building a mosque is a step further to breaking the shackles of religion.

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shareholders hope for better rewards in the years ahead




“All that average investors look for in a company is the fundamental, and Fidelity Bank is very strong in this. They are poised to surpass what they have projected. I should say the sky is their limit despite the headwinds.

“Fidelity Bank remains one of the best stocks that investors should look forward to invest in for better returns. I’m very optimistic of the bank’s healthy strong assets. With its good corporate governance and excellent customers’ service, there is every reason to hope for more promising future,” Okezie said.

The interim report and account of the bank for the first quarter ended March 31, 2024 showed that the bank started the current business year on stronger footing with three-digit growths across key performance indicators.

The three-month report, released at the NGX, showed that gross earnings increased by 89.9 per cent to N192.1 billion in first quarter 2024. The bank’s top-line performance continued to be driven by broad-based growths across income lines with interest income rising by 90.7 per cent and non-interest income growing by 84 per cent in first quarter 2024.

Growth in interest income was primarily spurred by a higher yield environment and strong earning assets base, while the increase in non-interest income was led by double-digit growth in account maintenance charges, foreign exchange (forex)-related income, trade, banking services, and remittances, supported by increased customer transactions.

Profit before tax doubled by 120 per cent to N39.5 billion in first quarter 2024 as against N17.9 billion in first quarter 2023. The bank’s performance was driven by expanding market share with total deposit rising by 17 per cent within the three months to N4.7 trillion, compared with N4 trillion recorded at the end of 2023. The bank also increased its supports for national economic growth with net loans and advances rising by 21 per cent from N3.1 trillion at the end of 2023 to N3.7 trillion by March 2024.

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True Crime, Family Feuds, Fierce Competitions and More.




Switch things up this weekend and explore a world of thrilling reality TV shows. We’re talking about shocking celebrity true crime stories that’ll have you gasping, petty family feuds, thrown down in the courtroom, that will leave you both laughing and cringing and lots more. Here’s a top pick of must-watch shows to binge on this weekend.

Celebrity True Crime Story: This dives into the dark side of fame by exploring the true stories of murders involving celebrities. It delves into the mysteries and shocking murders that rocked the worlds of celebrities, athletes, and other big names. Tune in Friday by 6 p.m. on CBS Reality on GOtv Channel 39 to watch all the juicy details. 

Relative Justice: Think your family’s rifts are extreme? Think again. This reality court show throws out the stuffy courtroom scenes and dives headfirst into the messy conflicts tearing families apart. Think loan disputes between siblings, inheritance showdowns with cousins, or even a child suing their parents, it’s as nasty as it can get. Catch all the family drama on Friday by 7:50 p.m. on CBS Reality channel 39.

Black Pop: Celebrating the Power of Black Culture – This documentary series isn’t your average history lesson. It is a documentary series that throws a spotlight on the undeniable influence of black Americans on pop culture. It delves into the achievements of black celebrities who rock the world of film, TV, comedy, and music. Don’t miss it! Tune in this Saturday at 2:25 PM on E! Entertainment, GOtv channel 36.

Chopped: There’s always something thrilling about watching chefs throw it down in the kitchen. The dedication, style, and finesse bring out the inner chef in you. Chopped will evoke that in you. In this show, chefs face off in a three-round battle, each round throwing a basket full of strange and unexpected ingredients at them. After each round, the least impressive dish gets chopped and the last chef standing walks away with a cool $10,000 and the bragging rights of being crowned the Chopped champion. Tune in Saturday to Real-Time GOtv channel 35 to watch these chefs throw it down in the kitchen. 

Nigerian Idol: The Nigerian Idol season 9 is heating up and the competition is getting fierce. Last week, we saw the contestants get trimmed down from seventy-nine to twenty in the first round of theatre week, and from what we’ve heard, there will still be more cuts before the live show. Tune in on Sundays at 7 p.m. on Africa Magic Family GOtv ch 7 and Africa Magic Showcase GOtv Channel 12 to catch all the excitement.

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Obey Safe Driving Rules or Get Sacked ─ LAWMA boss tells truck drivers



The Managing Director/CEO of the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), Dr. Muyiwa Gbadegesin, has told truck drivers in the agency’s fleet, to strictly obey safe driving rules or risk severe penalties, including outright dismissal.

He said this on Tuesday, at the agency’s headquarters, Ijora-Olopa, where he repeatedly warned against any breach of safe motoring and road traffic rules and regulations, involving non-use of seat belts, drunk driving, over-speeding and reckless behaviour on highways.

Other breaches, according to him, include: over-loading, loss of safety equipment, possession of invalid driver’s license, waste handlers hanging onto moving trucks, and such other reckless actions, that could trigger an accident.

He emphatically stressed, that stiff sanctions would henceforth be applied, including outright dismissal, prosecution, suspension from work, forfeiture of monthly salaries and allowances, and non-payment of medical bills if involved in an accident, depending on the gravity of infraction.

He said: “Henceforth, reckless road behaviour and breach of safe driving rules and regulations will attract very stiff penalties, including the possibility of dismissal, among other sanctions. The safety of our drivers, residents and other road users remains our priority in the course of daily operations. We are working relentlessly to ensure that our truck drivers discharge their duties in a manner that will not endanger the lives of people in the state.”

He disclosed that each waste evacuation truck operated by LAWMA, will now prominently display phone numbers, allowing residents to promptly report instances of reckless driving or dangerous behaviour witnessed on the roads.

Gbadegesin stressed the significance of community involvement in maintaining road safety standards, adding that by empowering residents to report incidents, the collective effort could promote safer road practices.

He assured the public that all reports received would be thoroughly investigated, and any erring truck drivers would face appropriate sanctions.

The LAWMA boss reaffirmed LAWMA’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism in waste management operations, adding that the Authority would not rest on its oars, towards ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for all Lagosians.

He encouraged residents to utilise LAWMA’s toll-free numbers or the phone numbers displayed on waste evacuation trucks, to report concerns related to waste management or road safety infractions by drivers.

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