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Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy Fulfilled As Deadly Flood Hits UAE, Kenya, Burundi (VIDEO)



If only leaders of nations are committed to listening to God-given instructions and warnings, the world would be a better place free of unnecessary chaos and panic but the incessant ignoramus attitude towards divine instructions by leaders make people become endangered in their own world.

God has blessed us with vessels that he speaks through, he has provided us with prophets like Primate Ayodele who on a daily basis shares the mind of God with mankind. Through vessels like Primate Ayodele, God warns presidents of countries ahead of time against unpleasant happenings but at all times, these warnings are ignored and sometimes, citizens sacrifice their lives because of the obstinacy of their leaders.

There is currently an issue of flooding globally which has led to the death of several people, displacement of thousands, destruction of properties worth billions of dollars and panic across continents but these could have all been avoided if leaders of the countries had listened to Primate Ayodele when he warned them in 2023 and early 2024.

The United Arab Emirates, a nation that had never recorded any heavy rain fall until a few weeks ago, is still counting losses and struggling to get back on its feet due to a deadly flooding that swept through the country.

The rainfall, which flooded streets, uprooted palm trees and shattered building facades, has never been seen in the Middle Eastern nation since records began in 1949. In the popular tourist destination Dubai, flights were canceled; traffic came to a halt and schools closed.

One-hundred millimeters (nearly 4 inches) of rain fell over the course of just 12 hours on Tuesday, according to weather observations at the airport – around what Dubai usually records in an entire year, according to United Nations data.

The rain fell so heavily and so quickly that some motorists were forced to abandon their vehicles as the floodwater rose and roads turned into rivers.

Meanwhile, Primate Ayodele had warned first in 2022 that he foresees climatic problems in the world which would cost a lot of money, lives and properties. He revealed then that the issue of flooding will come up in places that it has never happened before. He called on world leaders not to take climatic problems with levity because it will turn out to be very serious.

These were his words:

‘’I am seeing water and ecology problems, floods in Africa and many places that it hasn’t happened before … .natural catastrophe is imminent in 2023/2024. The issue of climatic problems must be taken very seriously, they must not joke with it….what we are saying will cost the world a lot of money, lives and properties..’’

In his 2024 prophecy to the United Arab Emirates, Primate Ayodele called for prayers against disasters that will cause problems in the country.

These were his words:

‘’UNITED ARAB EMIRATE: The Emirate should pray against any disaster that will cause problems in the country. I foresee an unexpected incident in the Emirate that will require the people to be more careful than ever before.’’

Unfortunately, the prophecy has been fulfilled with the unexpected disastrous flooding that has shut down activities in the highly revered United Arab Emirates.

In the same vein, Kenya is currently battling with the effects of flooding that swept through almost half of the country.

At least 32 people have been killed and two are missing after flash floods swept as a result of the flood. Some 103,500 people in all have been affected.

Kenya has registered heavy rain since mid-March but downpours have intensified over the past week, leading to mass flooding. The Kenyan Red Cross says it has carried out over 188 rescues since the onset in March.

Some roads in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi were closed Wednesday and several neighborhoods remained submerged after another day of heavy rainfall.

In Primate Ayodele’s 2024 prophecies to the nation, he called on Kenyans to pray against flooding and cases of collapsed buildings.

These were his words

‘’KENYA : The spirit of God says Kenyans must pray against assassinations and the killing of any governor. I foresee there will be bomb scares and killings. They must pray against floods and cases of collapsed buildings. The spirit of God says the efforts of the Kenyan President William Ruto will be troubled and not appreciated. He should pray not to encounter a crisis in his government Cabinet. He must be careful against protests even as health workers will go on street protests in Kenya.’’

Similarly, People in Burundi are struggling to cope with flooding after months of heavy rains, with hundreds of thousands being displaced and many homes and schools damaged.

The relentless rain has resulted in the level of water in Lake Tanganyika rising considerably, causing chaos for communities living along its shores.

Lake Tanganyika’s rising waters have invaded the port of Bujumbura, Burundi’s economic capital, disrupting business there and elsewhere in the country.

This has also fulfilled the prophecy of Primate Ayodele warning African countries that there will be flooding and other natural disasters.

Primate Ayodele has always said that he doesn’t celebrate the fulfillment of his prophecies and doesn’t pray that they come to pass but world leaders have to start following divine instructions for the sake of their citizens and in order to avoid calamities like this.

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The Improvement Society of Nigeria, is proud to celebrate her 91st Founder’s Day anniversary, commemorating nearly a Century of dedicated service and impactful contributions to community development and national progress.

The celebration will take place on 22nd and 23rd June, 2024 at The African church Cathedral, Ifako, featuring a day of inspiring speeches, inauguration of new National Executive members,Bible Quiz and Fundraising.

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It has blossomed from such humble beginnings into a giant spreading into Dioceses of The African Church.

President General, Bro. Adebiyi Abiodun Aderibigbe said that: by the special grace of God, we have remained focused on our mission and vision, which are geared toward promoting unity among members and positively contributing to the development of The African Church.

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Muvmnt Studio Hosts Exclusive Watch Party for ‘L.I.F.E on The Muvmnt Pod with Simi Drey




L-R: Simi Drey, Host, L.I.F.E on the Muvmnt pod with Simi Drey and Tosin Adefeko, founder, AT3 Resources, The Muvmnt Agency.

The Muvmnt Studio hosted an exclusive watch party for its signature podcast, L.I.F.E on The Muvmnt Pod with Simi Drey. The event celebrated the podcast’s first season and offered a unique opportunity for listeners to engage and have an exclusive immersive experience.The audience was treated to a sneak peek of episode 5 (now released) featuring Fatima Ada Isiaku, a survivor of sexual assault. Her courageous story and journey from victim to advocate left a lasting impact on the room, highlighting the devastating effects of violence against women and girls.L.I.F.E on the Muvmnt Pod with Simi Drey transcends the boundaries of a typical podcast. Each episode embarks on a unique exploration through the lens of inspiring guests, delving into diverse themes that go beyond bringing social issues to the front burner to highlighting other aspects of our lives including fashion, entertainment, health, food, arts, culture, travel, creativity, technology, and lifestyle.The evening was not just about the podcast alone – it was a Muvmnt experience. Guests were treated to a delightful spread of cocktails and finger foods, and attendees participated in a fun, bespoke ” word search” game, a playful nod to the show’s exploration of diverse themes like connection, resilience, challenge, growth and momentum. fuelling lively conversations and fostering a true sense of community.The watch party was a testament to the podcast’s season success in the first season, and Muvmnt Studio’s commitment to creating channels that connect people, communities, and culture. In attendance were notable influencers, including; Shank Comics, Thisthingcalledfashion, Harmonihie, Amanda Dara, Kiki Festus, Jessica fortunes, Kagan amongst many others.

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Primate Ayodele To Launch 30th Edition Of Prophecy Book ‘Warnings To The Nations’ In July




The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele is set to launch the 30th edition of his annual prophecy book titled Warnings To The Nations in July 2024.

The prophecy book ‘Warnings To The Nations’ has been getting published annually since 1994 and has over the years, served as a means of direction, revelation, insight, and solution to individuals, presidents, governors, world leaders, multinationals, corporate bodies, to mention but a few.

‘Warnings To The Nations’ is known to contain prophetic warnings to every country in the world, notable organizations, political leaders, federal, state and local governments, and several others. It also gives prophetic insight into every sector of nations including sports, politics, society, education, governance, corporate bodies, financial institutions, government establishments, and many more.

According to the publisher, Primate Elijah Ayodele, the decision to start publishing a prophecy book was an inspiration from God and not borne out of any personal decision. He revealed that God spoke to him in 1994 to begin the production to warn his people against impending dangers ahead of time.

Speaking on the spiritual exercise that goes into the production of Warnings To The Nations, Primate Ayodele made it known that he engages in different kinds of fasting for three months in order to get accurate messages from God.

‘’Warnings To The Nations’ is basically a product of divine instruction. God spoke to me in 1994 to begin the publication in order to warn his people ahead of impending dangers. The book isn’t for everyone but for those who believe in God and follow him. We produce as much as 5,000 copies annually and within two months, we exhaust them’’

‘’There are so many spiritual exercises that go into the production of Warnings To The Nations annually. We engage in different kinds of fast for three months in order to get accurate messages. It’s a tedious process but God has always helped us with it.’’

Furthermore, Primate Ayodele has released more than 100,000 prophecies through Warnings To The Nations with close to 50,000 Prophecies already fulfilled, making him the only prophet who has the highest record of released and fulfilled prophecies.

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