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Fun, Spooky and Magical Shows this Weekend on GOtv.



It’s school season and the kids deserve a weekend getaway filled with fun and excitement, and GOtv has a special lineup of kids content to give your kids an awesome weekend. This month of November, your kids will experience laughter, magic, adventure, naughty pranks and a little bit of spookiness. Here are our top picks for the weekend.Freaky Friday It’s a spooky Friday with Ellie and her two friends, Karl and Monica. The trio discuss the school’s annual scavenger hunt while Ellie’s mum, Kathrine, has to deal with her daughter’s tantrums while both are in a frenzy preparing for a wedding.In the days leading to the wedding Kathrine and Ellie switch bodies and the two must find a way to settle their differences and make the wedding day a memorable day.Catch Freaky Friday at 4:25 pm on Friday 24th November on Disney Channel GOtv CH 92

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures The younglings are on a mission to become Jedi Knights during the high republic era. The team go through a series of missions, trials and challenges that teach them the value of compassion, self-discipline, teamwork and patience.Watch new episodes of Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures at 6:30 pm on Friday 24th November on Disney Junior GOtv CH 82Walk the prank Get ready for the ultimate prank war of the century with Bailey, Chance, and Dusty on walk the prank as they go around town with hidden cameras pulling epic pranks on unsuspecting people and posting the videos on their online channel.Walk the prank with the crew airs at 9:25 pm on Saturday 25th November on Disney Channel GOtv CH 92

Mickey’s Monster Musical The cast of Mickey Mouse clubhouse are in for a spooky night of adventure. When the toon car breaks down, Mickey, Minnie and the crew meet Count Mikula and a spooky cast of characters at a nearby castle. The clubhouse crew are surprised to see that Count Mikula looks like Mickey, can fly and has fangs like a vampire.Their new friends have a problem and the crew must come together despite all the challenges to solve the mysteries of the night.Tune in at 6:00 pm, Saturday 25th November on Disney Junior GOtv CH 82Big NateBig Nate follows the adventures of Nate’s sixth grade friends, Francis, Teddy, Chad, and Dee Dee. Nate and his friends make life in sixth grade interesting for them as they take on their social science teacher Mrs Godfrey who Nate calls his arch nemesis “the school’s Godzilla”. At school, Nate is one detention away from the fate everyone fears and he makes himself the next victim of the school’s prank master. Start the adventure of Big Nate and his friends at 12:48 pm on Saturday 25th November on Nickelodeon GOtv CH 87

Renew your subscription and stay connected to GOtv now to give your kids memorable moments this November. Download MyGOtvApp or dial *288# to reconnect. You can also upgrade to GOtv Supa+ to access over 80 channels including Super Sports English Premier League, Super Sports Select 3, Studio Universal, Disney Channel, Universal TV, and more. Yet to get your GOtv decoder? Visit the closest GOtv dealers in your area and engage the services of GOtv Sabiman close to you.

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Impress Your Crush. Learn The Latest Lover Boy Language




Wooing women has moved from the era of serenading her under the mango tree to putting your money where your mouth is. While it can be said that most women want a rich or financially stable man, they also want a man with good looks, impeccable dress sense, and the right words and touch. We know the economic situation in the country may not allow you to tick the rich or financially stable box. Still, you can get tips on how to woo a typical Nigerian girl by watching these Nollywood blockbusters on GOtv.

True Colors

Shakespeare has got nothing on this Nollywood drama when it comes to weaving romantic words. When an intense bond is formed between a young married woman and a man she meets in her new place of work, the bond slowly turns her world upside down. Expect intense moments fueled by romantic lines, heated glances, and romantic overtures. True Colors airs at 10:20 PM on Friday12th July, on Africa Magic Showcase (ch. 11) on GOtv.

 Gobe Da Labari

Ali Nuhu sets the pace for all bad boys with silver tongues in this Hausa drama. As Ahmed assumes the position of CEO in his father’s company and meets a girl who is in a serious relationship, he wins her heart and breaks it. Now it’s payback time. Apart from the suspense and ‘God Forbid’ moments, the movie also shows Nuhu waxing romantic lines that you can adopt to woo your crush. Tune in at 9:00 PM on Saturday13th July, to Africa Magic Hausa (ch. 3).

Ina Santa Ahaka

Looking to woo a Gen Z baddie? Then watch Ina Santa Ahaka for tips on how to win her over. In this movie, Abdullahi proves that love conquers everything when he decides to marry Murja, the only daughter of her parents, even though he knows she has a bad reputation. Follow the story at 9:00 PM on Sunday14th July, on Africa Magic Hausa (ch. 3) on GOtv.

The Casanova King

Fans of Fredrick Leonard agree that he ticks all the boxes when it comes to looks, dress sense, and finance. He displays his skills when it comes to wooing a woman in this Nollywood drama titled The Casanova King. The movie tells the story of King Solomon, known for his excessive promiscuity, who finds himself shunned by the women in his realm due to his reputation. However, his behavior takes a complicated turn. Tune in at 10:00 PM on Sunday14th July, to Africa Magic Epic (ch. 6) and you might just learn new tricks on how to woo a woman.

Enjoy these shows and more on GOtv. Subscribe now to access a wide range of exciting and entertaining programs every hour of the day. Download the MyGOtv App or dial *288#. You can also download the GOtv Stream App to watch your favorite shows on the go.

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Your Weekend Entertainment Guide on GOtv 




Are you feeling stressed after a long week of commuting, early mornings, juggling family responsibilities, workload, and deadlines? Or perhaps you work remotely and have dealt with the challenges of unstable power and the internet? 

If neither of these scenarios fits, then maybe you’re a serial entrepreneur, or a student navigating each day with finesse. 

Regardless of your person and how the week has been, we can all agree that Friday brings a taste of weekend bliss, though it always seems to fly by. This begs the need to make the most of it, entertained and well relaxed.

If you’re looking forward to a relaxed and fun weekend, this weekend entertainment guide is just for you. Consider it a treat that comes at no extra cost beyond your monthly GOtv subscription.GOtv.jpg

Here’s a curated list of movies and shows to watch this weekend on GOtv:

The Advocate: If you love drama, this pick is for you. Follow the journey of a talented young lawyer as he battles his boss and benefactor. This conflict pushes him to confront social injustices while balancing career pressures, personal life, and family integrity. Will justice prevail? Tune in to Africa Magic Family GOtv channel 7 on Saturday at 11:35am to find out.

The Pyramid Game Show: Ever dreamed of winning millions on a game show? What are your plans for such a win? While you think about it, catch an episode of The Pyramid Game Show this weekend as teams compete in a battle of words and wits for the ultimate prize of ₦10,000,000. Plus, your favourite celebrity might make an appearance so don’t miss it. Tune in to Africa Magic Family GOtv channel 7 on Saturday at 7:00 pm to watch. 

Make Yourself At Home: Ever imagine taking “Make Yourself at Home” way too literally? We’re not talking about a comfy couch and juice in this movie! “Make Yourself at Home” throws a young couple’s dream house into chaos with a landlady who oversteps all boundaries. Buckle up for some serious drama this Saturday on Africa Magic Showcase GOtv channel 12 at 4:15pm!

Sugar Rush: This thrilling Nigerian movie follows the misadventures of the Sugar sisters – Susie, Sola, and Bola – who discovered $800,000 in a corrupt man’s house. Their newfound wealth quickly spirals into chaos as they attract the attention of both the police and a dangerous crime syndicate. Will the sisters outsmart the criminals and keep the money? Can they trust the people around them, or will betrayal come from the most unexpected places? Tune in to Africa Magic Showcase GOtv channel 12 at 8:30 am this Sunday to find out.

Nigerian Idol: It’s the grand finale of Nigeria’s favourite music reality show! The 9th season of Nigerian Idol has captivated audiences for weeks. This Sunday, watch Lammy, Chima, and Chioma battle it out on stage for the title of Nigerian Idol. Tune in to Africa Magic Showcase GOtv ch 12 or Africa Magic Family GOtv ch 7 on Sunday at 7:00pm to see who will be crowned the next Nigerian Idol.

Watch all of these on your big screen with GOtv, or from your GOtv Stream App if your power is unstable.   

To subscribe, reconnect, or upgrade your package, dial *288# and stay connected to not miss any moment. Enjoy the weekend!

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Nigerian Idol’s S9 Top 3 Emerges: Judges’ Picks and Unforgettable Performances Shine Bright.




Last Sunday’s episode of Nigerian Idol wasn’t just exciting for the contestants, the judges got in on the action too. With the competition nearing its end, the producers decided to keep things interesting with a special challenge for the judges.

Instead of the usual routine, the judges were tasked with picking songs they thought would be perfect for specific contestants. The contestants then got to choose their favourites, and the judge with the most picks would be crowned the champion.

It was a fun competition, as we got to see how well the judges knew the contestants. Ric Hassani took the lead early when Chioma, the first contestant to perform, delivered a powerful rendition of J’odie’s “Kuchi Kuchi,” a song Ric Hassani had chosen for her. 9ice wasn’t far behind, with Lammy picking his choice, the classic “African Queen,” by 2face. Leaving Omawumi behind. Mira Clear then evened the score for Omawumi by selecting her pick, “If You Ask Me,” by the queen Omawumi herself.

With the competition tied, all eyes were on Chima. His selection of “Not the Girl” by Darey Art Alade sealed the deal for Ric Hassani, making him the winner of the judges’ challenge.

As the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Winning the judges’ challenge meant Ric Hassani made a tough decision, saving one contestant from elimination.

The tension was high as each contestant was joined by a family member on stage. Chima and Lammy received the most votes, securing their spots in the finals. Unfortunately, this left Mira Clear and Chioma in the bottom two. Ric Hassani used his power as the winning judge to save Chioma, giving her a chance to compete in the finale. Making it the end of the journey for Mira Clear.

The final three contestants returned to the stage for their second performance, this time accompanied by 121 Selah beautiful choir. Chima delivered a stunning rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “As,” while Lammy wowed the judges with his performance of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Chioma closed the night with a powerful performance of Jennifer Hudson’s “One Night Only.”

The season coming to an end leaves a bittersweet feeling. Bitter in the sense that with the season ending, we’ll miss our fave host, judges, and contestants, and sweet in the sense that one of our fave contestants will be crowned the next Nigerian Idol Star.

The voting channels are now open, so make sure to vote for your winner. You can access 100 votes on the Africa Magic website and another 100 votes on the mobile site to vote for your favourite contestant. You can also get as many as 2500 votes on the MyDStv or MyGOtv apps. Voting ends on Friday at 9 p.m.

If you missed the last episode or any previous ones, you can download the DStv or GOtv Stream app to catch up. You can also tune in to Africa Magic Showcase (DStv ch. 151 and GOtv ch. 12) and Africa Magic Family (DStv ch. 154 and GOtv ch. 7) at 7 p.m. this Sunday to watch the live show and cheer on your faves. To subscribe, reconnect, or upgrade your package. Dial *288# and stay connected to enjoy. 

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