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Kumuyi tells gospel ministers to portray Christ not self



General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry and Convener, Global Crusade with Kumuyi, GCK, Pastor William Kumuyi

The General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry and Convener, Global Crusade with Kumuyi, GCK, Pastor William Kumuyi, has called on gospel ministers of the gospel to portray Christ and not self based on the transformed lives they have received from Christ to shine as lights in their lifestyles and the world.

Kumuyi stated this while speaking on the topic ‘Reviving Christ’s Timeless Ministry in the Present – Day Ministers,’ at the ongoing June edition of the GCK for Gospel Ministers, Church Workers and Professionals with the theme, ‘Fulfilling The Ministry with Heaven In View’ at the Obi Wali International Conference Centre, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The Convener of the GCK noted that the life of the converted believer is different from that of the natural man, hence cannot be like those who are yet to embrace Christ into their lives.

According to him, while there is the possession of righteousness on one hand, true believers are also commissioned to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus with God’s power deposited in their lives.

The man of God also admonished pastors and preachers to remember that Christ came to save sinners and He has committed the ministry of reconciliation to believers of today, who must understand that they are duty bound to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus everywhere.

He said: “We should allow the congregation we are ministering to, to see Jesus in us.”

He (Kumuyi) posited that God would grant His disciples the riches of His glory and strengthen them in the inner man, as they follow His footsteps.

“We should not listen to present day preachers and theologians that say miracles cannot happen again”, he explained.

In a remark after the event, the Chairman of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria,Rivers State Chapter, Reverend (Dr.) Minaibi Dagogo-Jack, described Kumuyi’s teachings and preachings as enriching.

“We learnt a lot about recovery. We learnt a lot about revival and we learnt a lot about restoration. The faith is failing gradually in the church, there is need for revival, there is need for restoration and there’s need to recover the lost axe.

“I think our father in the Lord, Papa WF Kumuyi really ‘fed’ us. We are full and abound. We were really filled, and honestly speaking every gospel minister in Rivers State from today would be a true vessel of healing, deliverance and salvation of souls”, he said.

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USC @ 70: How The Journey Started 70 Years Ago




The United Spiritual Church (Cathedral), Abeokuta was founded in October, 1952 with the Spiritual Church of Christ as its name. The story of the founding of the Church with its growth and sustenance cannot be clearly told without a reference to the spiritual calling of the late Most Revd (Dr) Samuel Christopher Ọládìran Ṣópẹ́ìn, J.P. reverently called Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn.
In 1944, as young as he was then, he heard the voice of God, for the first time, when he was visiting one of his friends, Jonathan Olúwọlé Adéjàre at Òkè-Ìgbórè. Consequent happenings made his elder sister, Mrs Joanah Mọ́rìnọ́lá Oyègúnlẹ̀ take him to Revd Prophet Samuel Afọlábí Adéníyì at Òkè-Ìjeùn, Abẹ́òkúta. Revd Adéníyì ordained him as a Prophet in 1947, but in spite of the spiritual training he had received, he did not want to be a Prophet, especially an Aláàdúrà Prophet. He therefore stopped attending the prayer meeting at Òkè-Ìjeùn. This he attributed to the low esteem people attached to the Aláàdúrà denomination at that time, and the fact that he was a civil servant.
An elder, the late Chief J.S. Ṣódiípọ̀, who later became the Bàbá Ìjọ of Saint John (Anglican) Church, Ìgbèìn, Abẹ́òkúta, informed him of a prayer group at Ìgbèìn and advised him to join the group. The prayer group grew to an extent that some elders in the church feared that the group might paralyse the church. It was therefore barred from using the premises of the church. This led to the dispersal of the members of the prayer group. That notwithstanding, some of the members, now led by Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn, decided to stay together and continue their activities at Òkè-Ẹri, Abẹ́òkúta. Among these members were Madam Marian Ṣówẹ̀mímọ́, Chief (Mrs) C.O. Akinọlá, Chief Mrs O.A. Taylor, Mrs C.O. Wickeiffe, Mrs Olú Ṣópẹ́ìn (Màmá Ẹlẹ́ẹ̀kọ), Madam Modúpẹ́ Ọṣọ́, Apostle Ọlájídé Ṣówẹ̀mímọ́, Apostle Olúsọjí Bámgbóṣé , Elder D.O. Agbedimu , Apostle H.O. Ògúnrẹ̀mí and Archdeacon J.S.T. Bamjoko.

Late Most Revd (Dr) Samuel Christopher Ọládìran Ṣópẹ́ìn, J.P. reverently called Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn

Even though Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn still felt reluctant to be a spiritual leader, the advice of his right hand spiritual son, Apostle Olúsọjí Bámgbóṣé, prompted him to face the realities of his spiritual calling, as the membership of the group continued to get larger. In October, 1952, Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn formally founded the Spiritual Church of Christ, Abẹ́òkúta. The first church building was of mat wall.

This development made Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn resubmit himself for a serious spiritual training. His first spiritual father, Revd Prophet Sunday Afọlábí Adéníyì personally took him to the late Papa (Dr) Abbiessaliem Samuel Ṣómóyè at Dàda Èrúkútẹ̀ Village.
In his address of welcome at Àpàkílà on Saturday, 6th July, 1996, Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn said, inter alia, “It has become compulsory for me to run a church because one is now founded, and I must not run away from members again. I must come to terms with stark reality, therefore, l had to go back to Revd Apostle Afọlábí who, after upbrading and encouraging me, literally took me by hand to his own Spiritual Leader and Father, Dr Abbiessaliem Ṣómóyè.”
In the same address, Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn said, “We now come to Àpàkílà…. Evangelist Ọdẹ́yínká brought the Church here, and he was the first to donate his own land before we began to buy.”

Late Papa (Dr) Abbiessaliem Samuel Ṣómóyè – Founder Aláàdúrà denomination

Dr Ṣómóyè, fondly called Bàba Dàda, was the founder of The Church of the Lord of Israel and he was also the spiritual father of the late Dr Josiah Olúnọ́wọ̀ Ọṣìítẹ̀lú who became the founder of The Church of the Lord (Aláàdúrà) with its headquarters in Ògèrè-Rẹ́mọ in Ogun State. The Spiritual Church of Christ had been founded before Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn became a spiritual student of Papa (Dr) Ṣómóyè. Bàbá Dàda is generally believed to be the founder of the Aláàdúrà denomination, as far back as 1920. In its 1964 Harvest Programme, the Spiritual Church of Christ identified Bàbá Abbiessaliem Ṣómóyè as the Superintendent General, Spiritual Head and Founder of the then All Aladura Christian Organisation, with Apostle H.S. Afọlábí Adéníyì as the Head of the Abẹ́òkúta Division.
Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn was ordained as a Revd Prophet on Sunday, 8th September, 1963 and as an Apostle in 1966, both by Papa (Dr) Abbiessaliem Ṣómóyè.

In July, 1967, twelve churches held a meeting where a decision was taken to come together under one umbrella with one name. The meeting was held with Senior Apostle E.S. Olúgbénró (Bàbá Ògúnṣẹ̀yẹ) as the Superintendent, Apostle S.C.O. Ṣópẹ́ìn (Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn) as the Chairman, and Pastor J. Adé Ìlúpéjú, Bro J.A. Ọ̀sányìpéjú and Evang J.S. Ọ̀ṣọbà as Joint Secretaries. Among the names suggested for the unification were The Church of the First Born, The Church of Divine Light and Holy Ghost Church. On Page 5 of a report on why they chose United Spiritual Church Organisation, it was stated that every church that believed in vision, prophecy and the efficacy of prayer was generally known as a spiritual church. The Spiritual Church of Christ was chosen to be the headquarters of the new formation. On Saturday, 16th September, 1967, the inaugural service of the Organisation was held at the Centenary Hall, Aké, Abẹ́òkúta.

Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn’s spiritual father, Pa (Dr) Abbiessaliem Ṣómóyè, became the Spritual Father of the Organisation. The first objective of the Organisation, as stated in the Administrative Secretary’s Annual Report for 1968, was “to show clearly that our Spiritual Father, Abbies Samuel Ṣómóyè, was the first to preach the advent of the Holy Spirit in Nigeria for our salvation from the evils of this world, precisely in the year 1920.” Bàbá Bámgbóșé, who was then Captain General S.O. Bámgbóșé, was the Administrative Secretary.

In that report, our Bàbá Akínbámi, who is now the Senior Superintendent of USC, was duly recognised and eulogised for the choir’s presentation of a play titled Ọlọ́run kan l’ó tọ́ ká sìn at the Ẹ̀gbá Christian Chiefs’ Hall in Abẹ́òkúta. He was the first Choir Master and Organist of the Organisation. Other people mentioned and praised in the report were “Bishop-elect Ayégbìrọ́jú,” the Treasurer; “Pastor-elect Ọ̀sányìnpéjú,” the Financial Secretary; “Pastor General Ìlúpéjú,” the Assistant Secretary and “Apostle-elect Peter Olútáyọ̀ of Òkè Ìtòkú 1.” Apostle-elect Ìlọ̀rí and Reverend-elect Akíṣọlá were acknowledged for their “selfless service in the organisation and the actual training of the ‘followers,’ as they are officially known.”
The Organisation had its first annual mount from 15th to 21st September, 1968. Its first joint baptism took place at Ṣòkòrì River on Sunday, 22nd September, 1968 when eighty-six (86) people were baptised. The report states, “We must congratulate the Very Revd Apostle S.C.O. Ṣópẹ́ìn, the celebrant, for the strength to accomplish this great task.”

The Organisation continued to grow, Most Revd E.S. Olúgbénró became the Superintendent General and Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn became the Senior Apostle. At a point in time, the name of the organisation became United Spiritual Church Nigeria. Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn became the second Superintendent General on Sunday, 25th September, 1977 after the death of Bàbá Olúgbénró.
As the organisation continued to grow, some administrative issues made the founding churches to revert to their former names or take up new names. With this, the association formed in 1967 became functionally defunct. However, Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn’s church, founded in 1952, was the only one that retained and sustained the United Spiritual Church as the name of his own church which had started having its own direct branches while some other new churches were joining his under the same name. The United Spiritual Church of today is firmly rooted in the Spiritual Church of Christ founded in 1952. It is to the glory of God that the former churches too have also continued to grow. It is a thing of great joy, for the propagation of the Gospel, that the United Spiritual Church is up till today in a very good fraternal relationship with these churches. Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn was installed as the first Primate of the United Spiritual Church on Saturday, 15th September, 1990.
In October, 1992, the United Spiritual Church elaborately celebrated its 40th Anniversary. The late Elder (Engineer) M.A. Adéogùn was the Chairman of the Anniversary Committee. Rt Revd E.O.O. Akíọdé, the then Bishop of the African Church, Ẹgba Diocese, gave the sermon. Pictures of Bàbá Abbiessaliem Ṣómóyè, Bàbá E.S. Olúgbénró and Bàbá S.C.O. Ṣópẹ́ìn, with the group photograph of the Anniversary Committee were on the pages of the anniversary programme. Our ever agile and active father, Bàbá J.E.O. Akínbámi was the Secretary General. “Revd J.S. Ṣósànyà and Evangelist J.O. Pópóọlá” were joint secretaries of the 40th Anniversary Committee.

Bàbá Abbiessaliem Ṣómóyè is up till today held in high esteem by the United Spiritual Church. In 2001, the Army of Christ Society of the Cathedral visited Bàba Dàda’s church, otherwise known as the Stone Church, and featured it in a documentary titled The Church. The Cathedral had at a time invited one of Bàbá Ṣómóyè’s sons and gave him the honour to address the congregation.
The United Spiritual Church has been serving as the Lord’s vineyard where Christian labourers work for their Master, Jesus the Christ, and where non-believers have the grace to meet the Lord. Members of USC generally, are usually active in notable Christian organisations at various levels. Some had held and some are still holding front-line offices in the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Organisation of Africa Instituted Churches (OAIC), the Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) and YMCA Youth Wing.
Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn himself had held the following offices, among many others: (1) Chairman, Abẹ́òkúta Fellowship of Christian Ministers, 1986-1990. (2) Vice Chairman, Bible Society of Nigeria, Ogun State, 1980-1989. (3) Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Ogun State, 1993-1995. (4) Chairman, Ogun State Government House Chapel. (5) Patron, OAIC Western Zone. (6) Leader of the Ogun State Government delegation to the Holy Land (Jerusalem), 1994 & 1995. The honour and respect Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn brought to the Aláàdúrà denomination heartened the Organisation of Africa Instituted Churches, Ogun State Chapter to decorate him as the first Father of the Garment. He was awarded Doctorate (Honoris Causa) in September, 1990 by Staton University, Florida in the United States of America (USA).

The charisma Bàbá Ṣópẹ́ìn built through his self-discipline and self-education made him attractive to leaders of other Christian denominations and blocs in and outside Abẹ́òkúta. At various times he was invited to synods, conferences, seminars and other occasions to deliver papers. It is a good thing that even after his death, some ministers in the Church have been receiving similar invitations.

Most Revd Joseph Àkánbí Adégbìtẹ̀ became the second Primate on Saturday, 28th June, 2003 while Most Revd (Dr) Julius Olúmùyíwá Ògúnṣẹ̀yẹ was installed as the third Primate on Saturday, 4th June, 2016. Most Revd Ògúnṣẹ̀yẹ was for many years, the Treasurer of USC. He had also been previously given the honourary title of Bàbá Orí Òkè before he became the Primate.

Late Most Revd Joseph Àkánbí Adégbite – The Second Primate of USC
Most Revd (Dr) Julius Olúmùyíwá Ògúnṣẹ̀yẹ – The 3rd and the present Primate of USC

Revd Ap. J.E.O. Akínbámi is the Senior Superintendent and he is the Superintendent of Abẹ́òkúta Division 1. Revd Ap. S.O. Akíṣọlá was the Superintendent of Abẹ́òkúta before Abẹ́òkúta was split. Revd Ap. S.O. Adébẹ́ṣin was the first Superintendent of Abẹ́òkúta Division 2, followed by Revd Ap. A. Ṣórúnkẹ́. Revd Ap. E.O. Okuboye is the present Superintendent of the Division. Revd Ap. S.O. Fọ́lọ́runṣọ́ is the Superintendent of Abẹ́òkúta Division 3. Revd Ap. J.A. Adégbìtẹ̀ was the first Superintendent of Lagos/Yewa Division. He later became the Senior Superintendent, and Revd Ap. M.O. Ọṣinaike then became the Superintendent of the Division. Revd Ap. M.O. Ọṣinaike later became the first Superintendent of Rẹ́mọ Division. He voluntarily stepped down, and he is now a Patron of the Church. Revd Ap. J.A. Mákindé is the Superintendent of Lagos/Yewa Division while Revd Ap. Revd Ap. S.O. Ọnanẹyẹ is the Superintendent of Rẹ́mọ Division. Revd Ap. Ẹrinoṣo is a Patron of the Church, but he also presently acts as the Superintendent of Arárọ̀mí/Ọbáfẹ́mi Division. Revd Ap. J.S. Ṣósànyà was the first Superintendent of the Cathedral. Revd Ap. J.O. Ọbadimu is the incumbent Superintendent of the Cathedral. Revd Ap. Adefala was the first Superintendent of Ìjẹ̀bú Division.
His Royal Majesty, Ọba Samuel Adéṣínà Gbádébọ̀ II (the Aláké of Ẹ̀gbáland) was the first Leader General of USC, followed by Apostle J.O. Adéògún, and Revd Ap. S.O. Adébẹ́ṣin was the third. The office was renamed the Lay President. Elder (Engineer) M.A. Adéògún became the first Lay President. He was succeeded by Evangelist S. Olúdáre while the present Lay President is Elder O.O. Akíọdé.
Màmá Esther Olútókí Adégbìtẹ̀ was the first Ìyá Aláàdúrà Gbogbogbò, occupying the office now is Màmá Felicia Fọláṣadé Șópẹ́ìn.
Revd Ap. J.E.O. Akínbámi was the first Secretary General, an office he held meritoriously for many years. He voluntarily stepped down, and thereafter, Revd Ap. S.A. Ọ̀ṣọkò took over the responsibilities of the office. His tenure was however brief as he also voluntarily resigned from the office. Revd Ap. B.O. Sànyàólú is currently serving in that office. Revd Ap. Lekan Ọṣinaike is the Financial Secretary while CB (Mrs) Folúwakẹ́ Ọ̀rẹ́kọ̀yà is the Treasurer. Revd. Ap. Ebenezer Coker is the Assistant Secretary General.

The Cathedral
The second church building of the Cathedral, built of blocks, was completed on 5th December, 1959. The third and present church building had its foundation laid in 1969 and the building was dedicated on Saturday, 31st October, 1981. Members of the Building Committee for the present church were Apostle H.O. Ògúnrẹ̀mí, Bàbá Ìjọ S.O. Ṣóbọ̀wàlé (Joint Chairmen), Evang J.O. Ọbadimu (Secretary), Elder S.O. Adébẹ́ṣin, (Asst Sec.), Ìyá Ìjọ Ṣówẹ̀mímọ́, Apostle S.O. Akíṣọlá, Revd Prophet J.S. Ọṣọbà, Leader General J.O. Adéògún, Leader J.T. Èsúrúoṣó, Captain S.O. Ògúntóyìnbó, Evang A.O. Ṣóyọḿbọ̀, Elder D. O. Agbedimu, Bro S.O. Olúdáre, Mother-in-Israel E. Ṣópẹ́ìn, Sister E.A. Sànyàólú (Màma Túndé Ìbarà), Sister D. Ẹrinọla and Sister E. Bánkọ́lé.

The five doors of the church were formally opened by the then Aláké of Ẹgbaland, Ọba Oyebade Lipẹde, Chief Olúṣẹ̀san Ṣólùádé (the then Executive Deputy Governor of Ogun State), Chief Ṣódọlámú Sànyàólú (the then Balógun of Ẹ̀gbá), Chief E.K. Ọdẹ́yẹmí (the then Balógun of Ẹ̀gbá Christians) and the Rt Revd J.S. Adéníyì (a retired Bishop of the then Ẹ̀gbá/Ẹ̀gbádò Diocese of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)).
The past Bàbá Ìjọ of the Cathedral were Pa S.O. Ṣóbọ̀wàlé, Elder D.O. Àgbédìímú and Elder Adéyíńká-Ògúndìran. The past Ìyá Ìjọ were Madam Marian Ṣówẹ̀mímọ́, Madam Modúpẹ́ Ọṣọ́ and Madam Emily Bánkọ́lé. Revd Mother Esther Olúrẹ̀mí Ọlábọ̀dé Ṣópẹ́ìn (Màmá Ẹlẹ́ẹ̀kọ) was the first Mother-in-Israel while Revd Mother Grace Àbíkẹ́ Ṣópẹ́ìn (Màma Bísí) is the present Mother-in-Israel. Madam C.A. Akinọlá was the first Lady Captain. Madam Olúfúnkẹ́ Fadimu was the first and so far the only Ayaba Sheba. Prophetess C.O. Ọṣífẹjọ́ was the first Prophetess. She was ordained on 9th November, 1963 by Senior Apostle Samuel Afọlábí Adéníyì.

The first set of male Cross Bearers, ordained on 8th November, 1963 were Brothers Abel Adépìtàn, Samuel Kuṣimọ, Joseph Fọ́lọ́runṣọ́, O. Olúsanjọ́, A.O. Adéọ̀ṣun, E. Șóbándé, Jídé Ọ̀ṣọlà, D.O. Agbedimu, J.O. Ọbadimu and S.A. Akínrólé.
Elder Olúfẹ́mi Julius Ọdúnlámì is the incumbent Bàbá Ìjọ while Revd Mother Eunice Àjọkẹ́ Baiyewu is the incumbent Ìyá Ìjọ.
Revd Apostle James Ṣómóyè Ṣósànyà was the first Superintendent of the Cathedral while the incumbent, Revd Apostle Joel Olúkúnlé Ọbadimu is the second, and he was installed on Saturday, 26th March, 2016. Revd Apostle Simeon Ọlálékè Ṣópẹ́ìn is the Vicar and Deputy Superintendent of the Cathedral. Revd Apostle Adéolúwa Akíṣọlá is unanimously identified as the Youth Pastor of the Cathedral. He is also the Vicar of Òkè-Ẹ̀rí Aṣérò Branch.
The choir of the United Spiritual Church (Cathedral) was formally inaugurated in 1960. The initiative came from Prophet Omodeli, an Edo man who got to the Church through Venerable J.S. Ọ̀ṣọbà. The first set of choristers include Sister Grace Ọláyínká Ọ̀ṣọbà, Mrs E.O. Ṣópẹ́ìn (Màma Ẹlẹ́ẹ̀kọ), Mrs F.F. Ṣópẹ́ìn (Màma Túndé), Mrs A. Akínṣílé, Mrs E.A. Akíṣọlá (Màmá Onífùfú), Mrs E.A. Èsúrúoṣó and Sister Roseline Adéọ̀sun among others.

Apostle (Dr) S.O. Bámgbóṣé donated the first organ, a bellow organ, to the Church in 1963. The second organ, an acoustic, was donated by Apostle S.O. Adébẹ̀ṣin in 1977. The Church itself purchased an electronic organ in 1983. Keyboards had been donated to the Church at different times by the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of the Church and the children of a former Lay President of USC, Elder M.A. Adéògún. Many other individuals, societies and families have continued making donations of different kinds and in different forms to the Church. Revd Apostle Adébẹ́ṣin attained the office of the Leader General of the United Spiritual Church and later became the Superintendent for Division II.
Revd Sunday Ṣóbándé was the first organist of the Church. Others at various times were Pa Gabriel Olumuyiwa Ògúndípẹ̀, Pa Ajíṣafẹ̀ More, Pa Rẹ̀mí Shyllon, Revd Apostle J.E.O. Akínbámi, Venerable J.S. Ọ̀ṣọbà, Revd Apostle S.O. Ọdúnlámì, C/B Yẹmí Ọdẹ̀dìran, Revd Apostle Túndé Sànyàólú and Revd Káyọ̀dé Ṣópẹ́ìn.
Bàbá Akínbámi is the Senior Superintendent of USC, he is the founder of the Òkè-Ìléwó (Abẹ́òkúta) Branch of USC, and for many years he was the Secretary General of USC. He was a staunch member of the Cathedral’s YMCA. C /B Yẹmí Ọdẹ̀dìran is now the Diocesan Organist of Ẹ̀gbá Diocese of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). Pa Gabriel Olumuyiwa Ògúndípẹ̀ was an uncle of Revd Apostle E.O. Okuboye who was a former Vicar of USC branches at Òkè-Ìjẹmọ̀ and Balẹ́kàn at different times, and for many years, he was the Financial Secretary of USC. Bàbá Okuboye is the present Superintendent of USC Division II.

With Revd Káyọ̀dé Ṣópẹ́ìn as the Chief Organist, others had acted and some are still acting as organists in the Church. Here we have Revd Prophet Fẹ́mi Ọláyọrí, Pastor Ṣeun Ṣópẹ́ìn, C/B Dàpọ̀ Adébẹ́ṣin, Revd Káyọ̀dé Ọláyọrí, Brother Lékan Oyedele, Revd Ṣeun Okuboye, Brother Dáre Ọ̀rẹ́nẹ́yẹ and Brother Dèjì Ṣópẹ́ìn.
Revd Apostle J.E.O. Akínbámi, Prophet Adéẹ̀kọ́, Revd Apostle S.O. Adébẹ̀ṣin and C/B Yẹmí Ọdẹ̀dìran were past choirmasters. Ọdẹ̀dìran’s era was of a great transformation for the choir. Revd Káyọ̀dé Ṣópẹ́ìn who is the current choirmaster has continued to build fine structures on the foundation.
Past Assistant Choirmasters (ACMs) were Revd Prophet Fẹ́mi Ọláyọrí, Pastor Túndé Akíṣọlá, Revd Ṣeun Okuboye, Revd Káyọ̀dé Ọláyọrí and Deacon Ṣeun Ọmọ́lànà. The present ACM is Deaconess Adetonike Okuboye, who is the first female ACM. The incumbent Primate is the first and current Drum Mayor of the choir. The longest serving members of the choir as of today are Revd Káyọ̀dé Ṣópẹ́ìn, Revd Káyọ̀dé Ọláyọrí and Revd Káyọ̀dé Ọbadimu. All the present members of the choir are recognised for their dedication and selfless service. Their beautiful compositions and renditions continue to add inestimable value to the image of the Church.
The choir produced its first record, Jésù Ṣeun, in 1989. Revd Lékan Ṣópẹ́ìn played a prominent role here. The second record was Ìròyìn Ayọ̀, produced in 2003. Unlimited Praise which was the third was produced in 2013.

On Page 14 of a publication to mark the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the Ẹ̀gbá Diocese of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) in 2001, the Association of Organists, Choirmasters and Choristers had this to say about the choir: “One of (if not) the most exciting choir in Ẹgbaland today is the choir of the United Spiritual Church (Cathedral), Òkè-Ẹri… It is a joy to watch this white garment robed choir sing. The totality of the body and soul of every chorister is put into singing and it is little wonder that the listener is often transported into a heavenly sphere.” That page also carried a photograph of the choir.

Our amiable father, Revd Apostle M.O. Ọ̀ṣínáìké had served as the Superintendent for both USC Yewa/Lagos and USC Rẹ́mọ Divisions at different times. He is the founder of USC Ire-Ákárí Ayétòrò and USC Rẹ́mọ. He is a Patron of USC. He was an active member of the Cathedral’s Unity Society.

The efforts and the leadership qualities of the following ministers and elders, with all those already mentioned, have essentially contributed to the growth and the sustenance of the Church: Revd Apostle S.A. Ọ̀ṣọkò,Revd Apostle Ṣotunde, Revd Apostle Ogunlẹyẹ, Apostle A.O. Adéjìmí, Revd Apostle Ayẹni, Revd Apostle E.A. Adekunle (Vicar of USC Ṣàjẹ́), Revd Apostle Akin Ṣópẹ́ìn (Vicar of USC Balẹ́kàn), Revd Samson Akíṣọlá (Vicar of USC Ọlọrunṣogo), Revd S.A. Bayewu, Revd Ap. Olu Akinrole, Revd Apostle A. Ṣórúnkẹ́, Revd Apostle Àlàbí Akínjọbí, Revd B.A. Ọlọnade, Apostle H.O. Sanyaolu (Baba Mẹta), Pastor S.O. Ọrẹnẹyẹ, Evangelist Popoọla, Elder Popoọla, Apostle E. Ṣóbándé who founded USC Ṣódùbí, Apostle E.O. Ògúndàíró who founded USC Ìjẹmọ̀, and Revd Apostle Tanimọwo, who later founded Ọ̀nà Àrà Spiritual Church.

Others include Elders J.S. Kuṣimọ, S.A. Kuṣimọ, E.O. Ọṣọla, S.O. Ọṣọla, R.O. Olufunlayọ, A.O. Olufunlayọ, Iṣọla Ọbadimu, M.O. Akínbámi, S.O. Ọṣọla, S.O. Ọdunọla, P.B. Ṣogoye, E.A. Dipẹolu, G.O. Olusanjọ, J.A. Ọjẹtọla, J. Mẹṣioye, E.A. Ọṣinfẹjọ, Arẹmu Oyedele, Alani Adebayọ, O. Adediran, I.A. Bodude, G. Ogunjimi, J.O. Awosanya, M. Odutade, J. Kodaolu, A.O. Ogunnaike, I. Olatunbọsun, J.A. Odumusu, E. Ṣomọrin, E. Oke, E.O. Adeyẹmi, E.A. Ọṣifẹjọ, D.A. Ọlatunji, E.A. Ọnakọya, A. Adenuga, W.O.A. Bamidele, E.A. Akiọde, O. Thomas, E.O. Ilọri, Julius Ariyibi, Moses Odumosu, S.A. Babarinsa and A. Odegbaro, with many other men and women.
All other present and past members of the Church, both young and old, are greatly valued for their various developmental contributions to the sustenance of the Church. The collectives in the Church cannot be forgotten. The sacrifices and the commitments of the following are duly recognised and fully appreciated: all the societies in the Church, the MIC, the Good Women, the Choir, the Youth Assembly, the Children’s Church, the Bible Quiz Group, the Ushers, the Sunday School Teachers, the Prayer Warriors, the Sanctuary Keepers, the Church Committee and all other committees.

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Excitement, high expectations, as ReachOut World Live with Pastor Chris begins




Expectations are high across the world for a divine experience as the ReachOut World Live with Pastor Chris begins today September 2.

Believers and non-believers alike from many nations, including gospel ministers in Nigeria, Pakistan, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Fiji islands, Finland, Germany, Swaziland, Egypt, among others, have expressed that participants are yearning for great spiritual impartation from the Man if God to do more for the Gospel of Christ.

Pastor Nemani Delaboitk from Fiji Islands said he is expecting a ‘higher level of blessing”, while Nigerian Pastor Sam Zakka, noted that “the Man of God will inspire us with so many testimonies, so much grace and capacity to do more for the gospel through the Rhapsody of Realities.”

Partners of the Rhapsody of Realities have also voiced their expectations towards this global event.

Grace Ubinda, Partner based in Nairobi Kenya said, “I expect to hear and receive increased empowerment to reach the world and fulfill the 7 billion mandate.” Emmanuel Mendo said he expected to ‘be enlightened by Pastor on what more I can do to reach the 7 billion mandate.”

Children are not left out. Many of them who want to participate in the ReachOut World Live with Pastor Chris are adopting neighbourhoods and distributing Rhapsody of Realities for Kids to hundreds and hundreds of other children.

Kanmilechukwu Brian, 9, from CE South East Zone 2, in preparation for the programme, adopted his neighbourhood and distributed over 300 copies of the Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities.

From Ghana, to Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Tanzania, and other parts of Africa, to other nations in the Latin Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia and other parts of the world, children have adopted streets and are imparting other children with the Messenger Angel.

In a statement by the organising committee, some of the kids who expressed their joy about the event wrapped their expectations around “more grace”, “a new me”, “salvation to nations”, “higher level of blessings” “increased knowledge of God”, “increase in levels of preparation for the coming of Our Lord Jesus”, and “opportunities to bless the whole world” as anticipated gains from such a meeting with Our Man of God, Pastor Chris.

Others are calling it “a time for change”, “a time for doing bigger things”, and a time when “many will receive salvation” as we are set to achieve the discipleship of 7 billion people.

“We received amazing impact reports of how and what the Pastors and Partners of Rhapsody of Realities did immediately after the first ReachOut World event with the Man of God, Pastor Chris,” said Emmanuel Mendo, a partner .

Pastor Joshua Lampke, Team Leader, TNI Malawi testified that they “were launched into another realm of operation” after that first ReachOut World with Pastor.

“We went into every village, and into every prison, got authorization to start fellowships in prisons, and right now the fellowships have richly impacted the inmates with Rhapsody of Realities to the extent that innocent inmates received freedom” through the timely intervention of humanitarian organisations, which the Lord instigated,” he said.

“Just as our Man of God said, how much can we tell of the tremendous experiences and amazing testimonies of the impact of the exceptional Rhapsody of Realities in the lives of so many, all around the world?”

According to him, Rhapsody of Realities is truly God’s tool and strategic weapon for world evangelism, with the book translated into 7, 000 languages, making it the Most Translated Book in the World.

“ReachOut World Live with Pastor Chris promises to be the biggest and largest global celebration of the Word of God in the Rhapsody of Realities,” he said.
The programme which starts on Friday 5pm GMT+1 and Saturday 10am gmt+1 and 5pm gmt+1 will go live on —in addition to thousands of terrestrial and online media platforms around the world.

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#HealingStreams: Participants expect great miracles at world largest ever Healing Crusade with Pastor Chris




As preparations for the July edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hots up, billions of prospective participants at the world largest event have been urged to raise their spirituality in order to fully discover and experience the life changing infinite power of God.

Media Manager of the Healing School of Christ Embassy, Mr. Olajide Babasola, who gave the advice Tuesday said the Healing Streams Live Healing Services will hold from Friday 29th – 31st July while partakers should register to participate in the programme @ www.

According to him, this month’s bumper edition like the previous one, would offer a rare opportunity for participants to experience torrents of God’s healing miracles through Pastor Chris from various diseases.

A statement issued by Babasola read in part: “The last edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome held on the 18th-20th of March 2022 with billions of people participating from every nation of the world.

“It was a flood of miracles that exceeded all expectations with phenomenal global impact and remarkable healing miracles from all kinds of illnesses including, deafness, cancer, visual impairment, arthritis, migraine and several others that continue to pour in.

“The joy of the participants knew no bounds as they continue to testify and give glory to God several weeks following the programme.
To be a part of the next edition holding this weekend from 29th – 31st July, 2022, kindly visit: www.

“God’s will is for all men to live in health and to constantly enjoy the blessings of Christ. For many, however, this divine revelation is not yet their reality. They are beaten down daily by sicknesses and diseases, living the opposite of the life God ordained for them. This is why the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is reaching billions across the world with the healing power of God through the Healing Streams Live Healing Services”.

Continuing he said Catherine from the United States of America in her testimony says, “My 3-year-old son had challenges with speaking and communicating. This gave me a lot of concern. I prayerfully prepared for the Live Healing Services in March 2022. Glory to God… We received a miracle during the programme and my son started talking on the very first day of the programme.”

“The past editions of this global healing crusade resulted in mighty demonstrations of God’s power. The sick were healed, hope was restored to many, and all kinds of mind-blowing transformations occurred. People from all walks of life participated in the services. It was a turning point in their lives; turning mourning to dancing and despair to delight.

Also testifying Brian from Ireland stated: “I suffered from pulmonary fibrosis for two years, but I received healing as I was watching the programme. I no longer feel fatigue or other symptoms. Thank you, Pastor Chris.”

Quoting Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Dsc, DD the statement added that: “divine healing is one of the beginning stages of a greater life. Healing is wonderful, but there’s a greater life than healing. God doesn’t want you to live in the realm of getting healed from one sickness or the other every now and then. He wants you to come to a place of victory where you understand divine health, which is greater than divine healing”.

He further noted that with countless lives transformed all over the globe, the “Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris is truly a place of solution; where people experience God’s love, wisdom and the supernatural manifestations of the healing power of God to a hurting and dying world”.

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Mega Awareness 2023